Commuting Redefined: Ditch the Car and Ride an Electric Longboard

Commuting Redefined: Ditch the Car and Ride an Electric Longboard

In today's age, no one has enough time to lose in traffic jams or face parking hassles and tiring commutes. As the number of vehicles that run on fossil fuel increased with time. This has posed a need for a more environmentally sustainable and efficient solution.

An electric skateboard assists you better in this regard. But with many variations, designs, and styling among electric skateboards, the electric longboard stands out. You don’t need to face parking dilemmas or traffic woes with an electric longboard. Join in with an electric longboards for convenient and comfortable commuting. This way, you can play your part in environmental conservation for generations. Wondering how? Uncover about electric longboard and its perks right in this article!

Electric Longboard – A Short Overview

An electric longboard is a skateboard with a longer length to facilitate great balance while commuting. You can define this electric longboard as a board mainly utilising electric charge to contribute to smooth riding. In this regard, an electric motor, a battery, and a remote-controlling device play a crucial role. The functions of these components are:

Battery: The function of the battery is to store the electric charge. It does this with the help of a charger, which takes electricity from the socket and puts it inside the battery.

Motor: There are two motor presents on the electric longboard. Each motor takes the power from the battery and results in wheel rotation. The motor shaft has a connection with the wheels because of the belt.

Remote: The remote assists in controlling the various functions of the electric longboard such as start, speed, braking, etc.

What Makes Electric Longboard a Game-Changing Commuting Option?

There are several things that play a key role in this regard such as:

Reduced Commuting Time

The electric longboard features a speed of 28 miles per hour. You can reach your destination a lot faster in urban commuting. The dual motors assist in the achievement of this top speed. You don’t need to get stuck and face delays in traffic jams.

Upto 270 Days Warranty

Purchasing the electric longboard allows you to get a warranty of 270 days. This warranty indicates the qualitative and reliable component of the electric skateboard. You can get the most out of your skateboard this way, even if you experience any faults within the 270 days of purchase. You can claim the replacement.

Extended Length

The length of the electric longboard, as the name suggests, is quite long. This is especially good for individuals with greater foot pace. Apart from this, it assists everyone in maintaining better balance and sustainability. This is because the longboard provides ample space for the riders. It also helps you harness the stronger foundation with this board.

High-Class Deck

The electric longboard deck comprises 8-Ply of outperforming materials such as fibreglass, foam grip tape, etc. This adds durability and reliability to the board. It contributes to the lower brittleness and higher shock absorbance. The foam grip tape ensures an optimum level of balance and grip. This you can avoid slippage and injuries.