Context of the book

Context of the book "hot uncle in law."

This book is based on the relationship of an unsatisfied married girl who gets into a relationship with her husband's young uncle. This book has 513 chapters explaining the story of this underground relationship. Gracie Clark and her husband never get intimate with each other however it's been two years since they were married. She wanted a divorce, but her husband disagreed. Instead of doing something, he brought his mistress to their house. Gracie went to the bar looking for a hot guy to get revenge. Surprisingly, she found a guy but to her bad luck, the guy was her husband's uncle. She got into a relationship with her because she had no choice. Let's look at the book's details about the hot husband and uncle-in-law.

Chapter 1

On a summer night, Gracie Clark was standing on the balcony staring at the GTR, which was just driven into the courtyard. The lights inside the car were turned off, but she could see the tender and fair arms wrapped around the neck of the man. They were kissing passionately and didn't mind that someone was seeing them. The man moved his hands into the woman's low-cut dress sneakily. His movements were skillful. The girl tipped her chin up and stared at Gracie, moaning to make her man more passionate. Gracie kept on staring at them until they were done. She left the balcony and met him in the living room. His name is Freddie Mathews, and he asked her the reason for that impatience. She asked him for divorce. Freddie behaved as if he had heard a joke. He nodded his head, kissed the woman in her arms, and licked the corner of her lips. He told Gracie to stop dreaming. Freddie tells Gracie that he wants her to look at him and the girl, Giana, while he makes love. He hugged Giana and said that they were at home tonight. Gracie thought, why she can't even get a divorce? And considering that Gracie went upstairs and wore a sexy short hip skirt.

Chapter 2

Gracie went to the bar and asked for a drink. A man wearing a suit and leather shoes sits beside her in the bar. In a drunken state, she bumped into a man. The man she bumped into is Fredrick Mathews. He looked into her misty eyes. Her face was blushing red, and her body was like a juicy peach that could make everyone taste it. She called him uncle and asked him to take her home. She added that she would give her a lot of money if he slept with her. Seeing his mouth, she kissed him, and it felt good. She looked like a wild cat after getting drunk, although she was a little rabbit. Fredrick lowered his head, pinched his chin and kissed her. This time kiss was arrogant, hot, and domineering instead of the childish kiss by Gracie. If you want to know what happened next between the two, you should read the complete book online.