Different Types of Japanese Bed Frame Styles

Different Types of Japanese Bed Frame Styles

A good mattress is a good start for sleep improvement; however, the right bed frame forms the complete package. The structure aims to support the mattress and prevent sagging, which can cause back problems. When looking for bed frames, don't focus only on the quality but the kind of frame you want. These structures are either high or low, like the japanese bed frame, which is quite comfortable. If the Japanese bed frame is your preferred choice, you can check Alibaba for several styles. This post shows the types of Japanese bed frame styles.

Styles you can choose from Japanese bed frames

The first time most people hear about Japanese bed frames think that they are only meant for the local Japanese. That is not always the case because many homes worldwide have adopted the Japanese style in many aspects of life. It is mainly because of their effectiveness, simplicity, and creativity in whatever they make. These Japanese bed frames are either traditional or modern but with a minimalist Japanese design. Here are the various styles available in the market.

Low platform Japanese bed frames

This style is the most popular in many homes. The frames are made from different materials, but wood is the most common. The Japanese love incorporating natural elements into their rooms, and having wood material on this low platform bed isn't any different. Wood gives a calm and relaxed feeling to a space, and its natural look makes the bed more attractive.

Tatami Japanese bed frames

The tatami bed frame style accurately represents the traditional Japanese futon. Again wood is the primary material to bring out the Japanese aesthetic. A tatami pad or mat wraps around the bed frame and acts as the base for the futons. This may seem strange, especially if you don't know about Japanese culture. So, ensure you understand the frame before making an order. The tatami bed frame has numerous benefits, like keeping the back straight and preventing general body aches.

Foldable futon bed frames

These frames are the best, especially when visitors come and you need extra bed space. Conveniently, you can tuck it away somewhere until the subsequent use. The frame uses the futon as a mattress or cushions to sit on. It may sound like a convertible sofa, but it's not, as it lacks standard armrests.

Ashitsuki bed frames

They are called 'bed frames,' but they are mattresses with attached legs. The legs are detachable, allowing you to have the mattress directly on the floor. Though very comfortable and firm, they are smaller than most beds. These bed frames give you bed height but in a more affordable way. You will like them upon purchase.

Bottom line

The rise of Japanese bed frames in the market is incredible, and the multiple styles provide good purchasing options. Some types are common, but others may seem strange, so be keen when selecting the bed frames. The frames are comfortable, firm, and unique to mimic Japanese aesthetics. Their prices range from high to low, and you still get the feeling of a luxurious bed with the cheapest bed frame style.