How to Install a Sliding Shower Rail Perfectly?

How to Install a Sliding Shower Rail Perfectly?

Are you tired of your old, ragged shower unit, which is now almost clogged and have faded? If so, it is high time to upgrade your washroom by installing a new sliding shower rail. We know the purchase is not a problem, but the installation is. So grab the good news because we have brought you a simple and easy method.

The installation of the shower slide rail is relatively easy and exciting for those who love to experiment and follow the DIY trend. The shower unit usually comes with self-explanatory installation manuals and is more like going with the flow. This practice will not only make you a pro at installation but will make you a renovation guru.

This blog post is a guide to help you install a sliding shower rail and ace the installation game.

Step-By-Step Guide to Install a Sliding Shower Rail Perfectly In Your Bathroom

1. Preparation to Install the Shower Rail

You should first study the washroom’s layout and decide on the installation spot. The next step should be arranging the shower rail components and other auxiliary things and tools closer to you, so you may easily approach them during work.

2. Marking an Appropriate Height

If you are renovating a bathroom at home, you must ensure that the shower rail is installed appropriately and caters to the whole family. Therefore the factor of height is to be crucially considered. Install the system at such height where everybody could reach without a help.

Mark the points on the wall or tile intersections closest to the ends.

Mark the center of the mixer unit to ensure the rail is installed in the center. The best way is to mark the tile intersections with a pencil that is closest to the bar holder. You can do it while checking the vertical alignment.

3. Drilling and Attachment

Now grab your drill machine and drill appropriately according to your fit and type. Next, fill them with silicone, followed by the insertion of anchors.

The next step is to attach the plastic holders for the top shower bracket to the wall. Insert the other plastic holder in the bottom of the rail and then slide the shower rail through the holders. Fix the rail with another provided holder, and your rail is done.

4. Attachment of the Other Parts

Now to the installed rail, you may add the shower head and hose, ready to use.


The best part of the upgraded bathroom accessories is their easy installation apart from being visually appealing. You won’t need a plumber to travel to your place and charge you a whopping amount for such an easy task. Please read the manual, and it’s as easy as pie.

Select the appropriate place. Arrange your tools and the other parts of the unit. Mark the points on the tiled wall. Use a mixer unit to identify the center and drill holes, followed by the insertion of anchors. Attach the holders on the upper and lower ends, slide the rail, and fix it with another holder. After attaching other parts, enjoy the bath and get a spa-like feeling.